About 3jam

The 3jam Story

Over the last ten years, mobile phones have improved dramatically. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for text messaging, which remains largely unchanged since 1999.

3jam was founded three years ago by Andy Jagoe and Enlai Chu to develop new and better ways to keep people in touch with their friends. The focus was text messaging because of its tremendous growth in revenue, high rates of consumer adoption, and relatively poor user experience when compared to other messaging mediums.

The first feature they developed was reply-all text messaging, or the ability to send a text message to a group of friends, have everyone know who got it, and be able to reply-all. As 3jam developed its broad text messaging platform, it became clear that what was most unique about 3jam was the way their platform unlocked text messaging from the mobile network.

Today’s text messaging works only point-to-point, much like e-mail worked 20 years ago. 3jam developed the concept of a server side inbox for text messages that could be accessed similar to the way POP3/IMAP email is accessed.

3jam’s solution “virtualized” text messaging so that people could send and receive text messages using their phone number from anywhere (web, social networks, PC desktop) and were no longer locked to their mobile phone for text messaging. A natural progression was “virtualized” voice services that would free people’s phone numbers so they could take phone calls on their own terms.

3jam provides white label services using the 3jam platform for a wide range of companies. 3jam’s customers include Peek, Samsung, Motorola and Virgin Mobile USA. Read more about 3jam in our press section (for 2008 and prior) or follow @3jam on twitter for more recent updates.

3jam is funded by NEA and Norwest Venture Partners.