proc 3Jam :: Web Services API

API Methods


Confirm a Captcha code. Step one of two in the verification process of startNew. Step two is confirmSignup. For details on how to generate a Signup ID and get a Captcha graphic see 3jam.signup.startNew.


No authentication is required.


api_key (required)
api_version (required)
verification_captcha (required)
Captcha input entered by user for verification
signup_id (required)
Signup ID to verify by Captcha


On success, confirmCaptcha returns the same Signup ID number for the next verification step.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<rsp stat="ok">
  <signup id="97" />

Error Codes

100: Invalid API Key
The API key passed was not valid or has expired.
105: Service currently unavailable
The requested service is temporarily unavailable.
406: Invalid Signup ID
The API key passed was not valid or has expired.
407: Incorrect code entered
Incorrect Captcha code entered for Signup ID