3jam SuperText Desktop :: Download

SuperText Desktop Screenshot

SuperText Desktop is a free software application that lets you send and receive text messages for free within the US.

You can also get great rates for sending to phones in over 180 countries all around the world. Or tell your non-US friends about 3jam and you can text them for free when they're online!

Got Mac? Coming soon! In the meantime, use our Web Version. It's pretty slick too!

System Requirements

Operating System
Windows XP SP2 or later, Windows Vista
Minimum 800Mhz
Minimum 256MB of RAM
1024x768 screen resolution or larger recommended
Internet Connection
Minimum 56Kb dial-up connection, DSL or better recommended

Getting started is simple.

  1. Download 3jam Desktop Client Download 3jam SuperText Desktop.
  2. Click Open or Run from dialogue that pops up.
  3. Run through the install process, then run SuperText Desktop
  4. Sign in to SuperText Desktop with the phone number and password that you used to sign in to this website
  5. Add some friends by clicking the New Contact button
  6. Start texting!

Once you've mastered the basics, you can try some of 3jam's advanced features:

  • Start a group text chat by clicking the Group Chat button. Everyone will get the message and be able to reply back to the group, so everyone stays in the loop.
  • Upload a photo for your friends to see by choosing Settings from the SuperText menu.
  • You can also change what sounds are played when you get messages or when a contact signs in or out here.
  • Choose when reply messages are sent to your phone by choosing an option from the "Send replies to my phone" menu in the main contact list.

Please send us feedback by choosing Feedback from the Help menu of the SuperText Desktop Client.