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Phone numbers for you

  • Call routing – save with simultaneous ring to phones, Skype and more
  • Visual voicemail – listen via e-mail, web, or SMS
  • Voicemail transcription – read your voicemail and save time
  • SMS to mobile, web, email or IM – decide how you want to receive and respond to SMS messages. Have real-time conversations using your Web Inbox and choose to receive messages on your phone only when you're logged out
  • Best calling/texting rates – get local phone numbers for friends overseas
  • Caller or text out – call or text out using your 3jam number
  • Caller ID – get names of callers just like landline caller ID
  • Caller or called number – specify if you want to see the caller's number or the number that was dialed when you receive a call
  • Call summaries – get call info via e-mail or SMS, even if callers hang up or if your phone is off
  • Call blocking – send individual callers, anonymous, 800 or international callers directly to voicemail. You can also choose options to hangup immediately, play busy tone, "anonymous numbers blocked", or "number not in service" messages to the caller.
  • Developer API – extend your app or build something we’re missing

Port in any U.S. phone number

  • Number portability – Moving? Consolidating home, work or cell phones? Port your VoIP, landline or cellphone number to 3jam and save money. All numbers ported in will be enabled with voice and SMS functionality!

    Our users have ported in their phone numbers from 8x8, Alltel, AT&T, ACN Digital, Boost Mobile, Broadvoice, CableOne, Cablevision, Cellular South, Cox Communications, Gizmo5, Integra, Insight, Les.net, Lingo, MetroPCS, Nextiva, Phone Power, Protus, Speakeasy, Sprint, Skype, T-Mobile, Teleblend, Time Warner Cable, Tracfone, Verizon, VoIP.com, VoIP.ms, Vonage, Windstream, XO Communications and Yahoo VoIP.

Phone numbers for groups

  • Local group identity – make your group easy to reach and manage
  • Call forwarding – forward calls to the group managers
  • Voicemail sharing – as simple as forwarding an email
  • Group texting – a permanent phone number saved in everyone’s phone

A few ways 3jam can benefit you today

  • Lower your phone bill – why pay for cell minutes when you’re at a PC?
  • Landline replacement – move your phone number to 3jam and save
  • Patient/client reminders – text your appointment reminders instead of calling
  • Law offices – reach clients faster and keep a record of all texts
  • Home business number – an inexpensive professional identity
  • Sports – cancelling practice? One text to a group phone number reschedules
  • Carpool late? – text the group phone number to let everyone know
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