Get a group phone number

Get a group phone number

Who said phone numbers needed to be expensive and have long contracts? 3jam keeps you organized by allowing you to get an inexpensive phone number for any group you like.

What is a group phone number?

A group phone number is a 3jam number dedicated to a specific group and set up to take advantage of 3jam’s group features for call forwarding, group text messaging and visual voicemail that sends you transcriptions by email and text. Learn more about what 3jam numbers can do.

Example: a group phone number for the soccer team you coach

Getting a group phone number for your soccer team makes your life easier and keeps everyone better informed. If someone dials the number, you can have it ring your phone and also the assistant coaches’ phones so a caller can always reach the team. With the group voicemail, you can leave updated messages about practices, games and scheduling--and voice messages are automatically transcribed and sent to you by text or email to save you time. Most importantly, your group number supports group text messaging. Add the phone numbers of the team to the group number and cancelling practice or rescheduling games is as easy as sending one text message from your cell phone to the group number.

Other uses for group phone numbers include:

  • The family
  • Work team
  • Study group
  • Car pool
  • Close friends
  • The club or fraternity/sorority
  • Graduating class

Make your life easier today with a group phone number

Get a 3jam number today and give your group an identity that saves you time and money.