Get a home business phone number

Get a 3jam Virtual Number

Your home business needs a phone number to be professional, but you’re wondering if it’s worth the $35 per month for a new landline or buying a new cell phone. 3jam gives you a new option for as little as $5 per month.


3jam can provide your home business with a virtual phone number

There are no expensive setup fees or long term contracts — and you don’t have to carry two cell phones. Pick a new phone number for your business and choose from virtually any area code in the US. Your phone number includes:

  • Call forwarding and simultaneous ring to up to six phones and also to your IM or Skype account
  • Visual voicemail with message transcription that is sent to you via email or text message
  • Text messaging, with messages forwarded to your cell phone or sent to your email acount
  • Much more

Already have a home business number but want to save money?

Port your phone number to 3jam and start saving. 3jam puts you in control of your phone number. Learn more about porting a phone number to 3jam.

What happens if my business outgrows the 3jam number capabilities?

If your business grows beyond the capabilities of your 3jam number, you can take your phone number with you by porting it to another provider.

Make your life easier today with a home business phone number

Get a 3jam number today and give your home business a professional identity that saves you time and money.