How do I keep my phone number?

Check if you can keep your number

Your phone number is your connection to the world. When your life changes, you don’t want to miss important calls or go through the pain of handing out a new phone number. With 3jam, you can keep your phone number and save.

Are you moving?

3jam can help you save your number — even if your phone company tells you that your number cannot be used at your new address.

  • Moving out-of-state? 3jam helps you make the transition so you don’t miss any calls.
  • Moving overseas? 3jam lets you take cheap calls and texts on your computer while you’re gone.
  • Applying for jobs away from home? 3jam can help get you a local number before you arrive

Are you keeping your landline just to save you phone number?

25% of households in America rely only on mobile phones. If you’re paying $35 or more per month for your landline just to save your number, you’re paying too much. 3jam can save your number for as little as $5 per month.

Keep your phone number with 3jam and save

3jam puts you in control of your phone number. Use only the basic service to park your number temporarily. Or, use our full range of call forwarding, visual voicemail and text messaging features to save money and make your life easier. Learn more about what your number can do if you move it to 3jam.

How does it work?

  1. Check to see if you can keep your number with 3jam
  2. Complete your number port request. 3jam charges a $24.99 one-time fee to move your number.
  3. Fax us the Letter of Authority we generate for you and a copy of your most recent phone bill
  4. We transfer your service in a matter of days if it’s a wireless number. Landlines can take 2-4 weeks.
  5. Pay for your 3jam service plan (as little as $4.99 per month), and you’re good to go.