How do I port my phone number?

Check my number

Your phone number is your connection to the world. When your life changes, you don’t want to miss important calls or go through the pain of handing out a new phone number. With 3jam, you can keep your phone number and save.

What does porting your phone number to 3jam mean?

When you port your phone number, you’re terminating service with your old provider and initiating service with 3jam. Porting your phone number allows you to not only keep the number but take advantage of services your current provider doesn’t offer. You must be sure to not cancel service with your current provider until your number has been fully ported to 3jam. If you are porting a wireless number, you will have to ask your carrier for a new phone number for your cell phone so you don’t lose service.

Are you keeping your landline just to save your phone number?

25% of households in America rely only on mobile phones. If you’re paying $35 or more per month for your landline just to save your number, you’re paying too much. 3jam can save your number for as little as $5 per month.

Can you port from my current carrier?

Our users have ported in their phone numbers from 8x8, Alltel, AT&T, ACN Digital, Boost Mobile, Broadvoice, CableOne, Cablevision, Cellular South, Cox Communications, Gizmo5, Integra, Insight,, Lingo, MetroPCS, Nextiva, Phone Power, Protus, Speakeasy, Sprint, Skype, T-Mobile, Teleblend, Time Warner Cable, Tracfone, Verizon,,,, Vonage, Windstream, XO Communications and Yahoo VoIP.

Even if your carrier isn't one we've ported from yet, chances are we can port your number!

Can I port my wireless cellphone number?

Absolutely! What's more, we also forward your SMS text messages to your cell phone, e-mail, or web inbox. Unlike other services that only forward your voice calls, now you can also receive and reply to your text messages without losing them!

Can I make calls and send text messages after I port my number to 3jam?

Yes! In addition to receiving inbound texts and calls, you can also initiate texts and calls from your ported number and have the caller ID show up as your ported number on the receipient's phone.

Can I port my number out from 3jam?

Yes, you can port your number out from 3jam at any time. Just have your new carrier initiate the port-out process. Because we want you to remain our customer, we try our best to provide the most useful and innovative feature set of any provider around! You'll find that many of our features simply aren't available with our providers!

Port your phone number to 3jam and save

3jam puts you in control of your phone number. Use only the basic service to park your number temporarily. Or, use our full range of call forwarding, visual voicemail and text messaging features to save money and make your life easier. Learn more about what your number can do if you move it to 3jam.

How does it work?

  1. Check to see if you can keep your number with 3jam
  2. Complete your number port request. 3jam charges a $24.99 one-time fee to move your number.
  3. Fax us the Letter of Authority we generate for you and a copy of your most recent phone bill
  4. We transfer your service in a matter of days if it’s a wireless number. Landlines can take 2-4 weeks.
  5. Pay for your 3jam service plan (as little as $4.99 per month), and you’re good to go.