Get a lower phone bill

Learn more about porting a number

Do you feel like you’re paying too much for phone service? Your phone number is your connection to the world. When your life changes, you don’t want to miss important calls or go through the pain of handing out a new phone number. With 3jam, you can keep your phone number and save.

How to lower your cell phone bill

Why pay for cell phone minutes when you’re at home or at your computer? With 3jam, when someone calls your number it rings your cell phone, home phone, and your IM/Skype account simultaneously. You decide where to answer the call so you get the best call connection and the cheapest rates.

If your cell phone plan is $80 for 1350 minutes per month and you’re only using 1000 minutes, you’re paying 8 cents per minute. If you reduced your plan to $60 per month and used 3jam to answer 200 minutes/month of calls on your landline or on your computer, you would save yourself more than $10 per month ($20 per month on your cell bill minus $5 per month for the 3jam service plus 3 cents per minute).

In addition, 3jam gives you unlimited free incoming text messages if you forward your messages to email. Outgoing text messages are as cheap as 2500 for $20 and they last for 90 days. Unless you send more than 2500 text messages per month, 3jam is cheaper than paying $20 per month for an unlimited texting plan.

Port your phone number to 3jam and save

3jam puts you in control of your phone number. Use only the basic service to park your number temporarily. Or, use our full range of call forwarding, visual voicemail and text messaging features to save money and make your life easier. Learn more about what your number can do if you move it to 3jam.

Want the features but don’t want to port your phone number?

If you don’t want to port your phone number to 3jam but want to take advantage of 3jam’s features, you can get a new number as a second line, a business line or even a group phone number. See what numbers 3jam has available.