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3jam SMS Plans

400 US Texts

$5.00 Send 400 US Text Messages

1000 US Texts

$10.00 Send 1000 US Text Messages

2500 US Texts

$20.00 Send 2500 US Text Messages

*Text messages expire 90 days after the most recent text message plan or pre-paid credit purchase. Additional messages are charged at 3jam standard rates. Messages sent to groups are charged 1 message per person who receives the text message on a cell phone.

All 3jam accounts include 40 free US text messages per month. Receiving text messages on your 3jam number is always free, as is forwarding the incoming text message to your email. Responding to a 3jam text message email generates a text message from your 3jam number and is charged as an outgoing text message. Forwarding text messages received on your 3jam number to your mobile phone is also charged like an outgoing text message.